Former NFL Player, Elgin Davis

Guest Speaker for our youth flag football​ Orlando, FL

Foster Buddies Network put together a workshop for the NFL Flag Football league and Elgin Davis came out to motivate and encourage our youth. He gave a fantastic speech. Foster Buddies would like to thank him for his volunteer time, interaction and his inspiring word.

Foster Buddies formed an NFL Flag Football League. We had over 400 participating youth competing. There were two season and SeaWorld was a sponsor for the league.The playing season was inspiring as the youth learned teamwork.


Foster Buddies Network's Flag Football League​, Orlando, FL


Foster Buddies Network's Eastside Hoops Basketball League​ Orlando, FL

Our Network basketball league was also sponsored by the  Jr. Magic and Seaworld.  All coaches were volunteer parents and basketball enthusiast who enjoy helping the children. We would like to thank all those hands that took part in this successful program.

Jr. Magic Gave Free Tickets to Our Basketball League "Eastside Hoop"

Orlando, FL

The league was invited to attend a Magic game. The children were so excited and truly appreciative for this grand gesture. Thanks again, to the Magic league for the invite.



1st Latin Festival in

Waterford Lake, Orlando, FL


Foster Buddies sponsored the first Latin Festival in Waterford Lakes, East Orlando, FL. There were over 30 vendors participating, 2 bands and local artist performing. Thanks to Home Depot, Corona, and many other vendors. Also, the local community for attending this event.

Foster Buddies Network's

Youth Development Program at        the Hartford Boxing Center

The Network will create fundraisers and help promote the Hartford Boxing Center. The Center is the first of it's kind in the Southend community. They are reaching out to the youth. Located at 162 Franklin Ave. in Hartford, CT.


Foster Buddies Play

Hartford, CT

FBN is hosting a play "Forget Me Not" about the different scenarios that lead our young children into the hard knock life of the Foster Care System. We are looking for actors and production part of something great!


        COMING SOON 2016


Foster Buddies Network is celebrating their upcoming Community Champions TV Show, featuring true Community Champions.  There are many individuals making a difference, others who have special talents, and many excelling in Arts and Sports in our communities.  Community Champions magazine will promote their endevours to inspire, motivate and challenge others in our communities to pursue their dreams and talents.



Joe Young Studios will provide to all of Harford Boxing Center's youth a 10 week multi-media arts program starting Tuesday, October 13, 2015-December 17, 2015 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm on Tue., Wed., Thursdays. The program will include cartooning, animation, and film making.

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